Cryolipolysis or Fat Freezing treatment from LA Lipo can target specific areas. It involves no needles and it works.

Get Rid of Your Skin Imperfections with CryoPen Potters Bar

Cryopen is the state of the art treatment, which employs extreme cold to safely and painlessly abolish unwanted, benign, superficial lesions on the surface of your skin. Some of these are sunspots, scars, cherry angiomas, milia, verrucae, skin tags, and warts.

Benefits of the cryopen Treatment Potters Bar

You must take note that Cryopen is created and developed by HO Equipment, a Belgian company. It is distributed by the Cryosthetics in the U.K.


CryoPen utilizes a technology called cryotherapy. ‘Cryo’ is derived from the word ‘icy cold.’ It includes the use of a high-pressure jet of nitrous oxide – N20 or liquid nitrogen. This is applied and intended directly for the lesion to be cured.

CryoPen is considered one of the top lesion treatment tools accessible on the market to aesthetic practitioners and cosmetic therapist. The process is composed of the derma expert aiming the CryoPen tip for the lesion of choice you want to be treated. Then your derma consultant will apply the nitrous oxide that freezes the abnormal tissue, stopping the blood flow without damage the surrounding cells and tissues.


After the treatment, it is recommended to leave the area exposed as this speeds up the healing procedure. You must keep the area out of the sunshine. After all, you don’t like to risk hyperpigmentation or scarring. Nonetheless, your practitioner might apply a simple plaster or dressing if there’s a likelihood that the lesion might get aggravated or rubbed in any way.

How the Process Work

Before your treatment is done, an evaluation of the treatment area will be done. This process will determine your age, location, your skin type, and the size of the lesion. The length of the treatment period will vary on your surface area as well as the thickness of the tissue being treated. What’s more, the treatment is composed of two stages: the initial freezing cycle and the second freezing cycle, offering the best chance for success.

Flaws will be eliminated by managed circular movements, which stay in the limits of the treatment region. The CryoPen has a penetration percent of freezing of at least 1 millimeter per seconds along with a maximum freezing depth of three to six millimeter. The amount of time required will connect to the penetration of the lesion.

Then, the area will be left to melt for at least thirty seconds and dried along with a tissue. It will be followed by another freeze. Some individuals experience pain throughout the treatment. The feeling is the same as a ballpoint being pushed into your skin.

In case you are not comfortable with the amount of pain felt, the treatment will stop. A follow-up visit is suggested for at least two to four weeks to make sure every pathological tissue has vanished. Minor outstanding stinging might happen for several minutes after treatment. Infrequently, a blister might form and would last for a few hours.

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